Doodle Soup is the Blog and Guest Blog of Oodles of Doodles, Inc. Rescue and The Rescue Resource Collective. http://rescuecollective.com or http://oodlesofdoodles.org.

The Rescue Resource Collective is a site devoted to Oodle / Poodle / Doodle / Schnoodle Rescue and Rehome.

We scour Petfinder and other listing sites and locate Poodle-Mixed Dogs in rescues and shelters around North America who are looking for forever homes. Then we list them in our Regional Listing Groups where potential adopters can search for their Forever Fur Friend.

We rescue Oodle Dogs from Southern Kill Shelters, transport to the Northeast and find loving, “perfect” homes for them.

Doodle Soup Blogs discuss Rescue and Doodle Dog Issues, the importance of spay/neuter laws, the state of rescue and the importance of responsible pet ownership and breeding.

Guest Bloggers are welcome to submit their ideas to rescuecollective@gmail.com.

Doodle Soup Blogs are the writings, thoughts and opinions of the author.

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