Diary of Surviving Sandy Doodle Style – From Middletown, NJ

Diary of Surviving Sandy Doodle Style – From Middletown, NJ


From Asbury Park Press (app.com)


DAY 1-4 – Couldn’t Connect with anyone. No Power, No Cell Service. The only person I was able to connect with was our New England Director, Adrienne. She was receiving every other text from me and I was getting a few back from her. She was keeping all our people and friends informed on Facebook:

“From Lynne Fowler A. I don’t know what us getting out n what isn’t. This area is in shambles. Please let everyone know we are still alive just cut off. Please check on Gail n all our people on the fosters group n make sure everyone is ok n let them know all of us are still here. Love you. Lynne”

“All I get from Lynne is an occasional text saying, “I am bored, no communication”…..”

“UPDATE: SHE MANAGED TO FINALLY GET A QUICK NOTE OUT…”Still not power. Town is devasted. No cell service, but they are ok, just a mess”….”

“UPDATE Tues…Still nothing from Lynne Fowler…even her iphone isn’t catching any calls….she is in good hands living with her family as first responders…it will probably be a while until they get her down wires and trees on her block all fixed…Take Care Lynne if you are reading this….♥”

Lynne is without power…a tree on her block took out a few poles…it will be a long while as there are not many affected by those poles, she said….plus they don’t do anything until after the storm subsides…so you may not hear from her and her iphone is also not really on either!!!! she is MAD….but safe…”

DAY 5 – NO POWER – Fence Fell

Damages from hurricane need help now. Anyone in Monmouth County, NJ – Lincroft-Red Bank Area have any 6′ or taller cyclone fencing? – Paypal.com to rescuecollective@gmail.com – 501c3 can give receipts. Please help.
Contact oodlesofdoodles-rescuecollective@yahoo.com

DAY 7 no power and now no generator. Starter broke this morning. Thank the universe for dunkin donuts.

DAY 8 – NO ELECTRICITY – Thank the Universe for a gas stove! Reading the paper and trying to understand why the most populated region in the US is facing Day 8 in this way. The stories of People helping People and Animals are so heartwarming, but remembering all the loss, is staggering. I didn’t SEE any of it until Day 4, but if you watch nothing else, watch these 6 videos to see what the NJ Shore looks like now. Tears over Coffee. 

DAY 9 – No Power – Election Day 2012 – The new normal is not too far from the old normal but it really s**ks. Every time I walk into a room, I still switch on a light. Only nothing happens. Dogs woke me up at 6:45 this morning. When you gotta go, you gotta go. The thermometer outside says 31. Inside 66. Not too bad. Generator, Fireplace, COFFEE. Not necessarily in that order. Rebooted the cable, TV on (what’s happening in the World?), computer on. Bill Evens: “50-60 mile an hour winds at the coast. Nor’Easter Coming.” Can we even stand any more? A friend is taking her beloved pooch to the vet for surgery this morning. It’s serious. She needs reassurance, so I tell her: “You cannot change the future or know the outcome. Be strong and don’t fall apart until or if. She needs the power of your strength now. Hang in there and focus your attention on being positive. Positive brings positive. Center, focus, think the best, send your thoughts toward her and she will know it. ❤ ” She writes back: “U made me smile without knowing it.
THANK YOU (((((lynne))))).” I think we can all live by those words. Keep smiling, through everything. Think positive and positive will come. Be safe NJ.

As Governor Christie said, “We are NJ’ians. If we were tough before Sandy, we’ll be ‘Hell on Wheels,’ after.”

Lynne Fowler



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