Your Dog Food Education Starts Here

Does your dog food look this good?

Us older folks might remember and think about it this way, what did dogs eat before dogfood became the way to feed? Scraps and leftovers of the family meal. Think about years ago and the life span of dogs. Dogs lived longer. I remember  dogs living to 18-20+. Now, you hear about so much cancer, liver, kidney and digestive issues that we never heard about years ago mainly because the commercial dog food companies began to put profit over quality and safety.

The first dog food was canned horse meat, but over time and only within the last 40 years or so, became the dry, extruded, rendered, corn filled, crap that it is now. Read the ingredients on a bag of dog food, what are some of those things? Meat Meal? What meat? Beet Pulp? Look at this list of ingredients to avoid: Who is going to remember all this when at the grocery store? Yet all this crap is in many of the top grocery brands and even in those foods often thought about as premium.

Iams and Eukanuba were just 2 of the culprits that killed thousands of our pets in 2006-2007, including my std poodle, Magic. Guilt? You betcha. I didn’t know…I do now. I home cook, and balance over time rather than “complete and balanced” which is another dog food myth. I first started writing about this years ago, when you couldn’t find any info on dog food but what the commercial companies put out. Since then, there is so much information out there, I will never understand why anyone is still buying Purina, Beneful, Iams and the many supermarket brands stocked on store shelves.

What’s for Dinner? is where I have most of my writings and articles, about dog food that I have found or written over the years ( and there is so much info there and elsewhere, today, that it still amazes me when I talk to someone who doesn’t know. If you love your pets, you had better start your education. A great place to start is Susan Thixton’s, The Truth About Pet Food, site and The Dog Food Project. Both tell it like it is and are a great resource to keep and subscribe to. Susan’s newsletter will inform about recalls, responses or lack of responses from commercial pet food companies, she has written to and demanded answers from. So don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter and stay informed.

The DF Project is a place to look up those confusing ingredients on the can or side of the bag, and which should be avoided. Don’t forget about treats, too. Recent deaths from chicken jerky strips (“Seven Dead Pets…“), further outlines that we as pet parents NEED to know what we are giving our pets, like we do with our children. Michael wrote: “There is alot of satisfaction in cooking for your dog anyway, just from a loving standpoint, let alone health benefits. For example, I will make a stew with ground turkey, broth, sweet potato, mashed veggies, oatmeal, etc. It will last for the week. Due to time I will feed stew with a little “good quality” kibble in the morning and stew with a raw in the eve. chicken leg, organ meat, fish, etc. You can find things online.. dont mix cooked with raw, blah blah. My dogs have never been healthier and poops are great. Due to an ever changing diet their systems never have to slowly get used to a different food. And their breath is much better since adding raw into the mix!” I love hearing more and more people taking charge of their pet’s food.


If you love your pets and want them to live long and healthy lives, please begin your education, find out what is really in your pets food and treats and know what has been recalled and what to avoid. You and your pets will be better off.


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