Open Letter to the Board of Directors of The Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc.; Jodi Goldberg, Debbie Sanville, the Board of ATPAR; Mainline

Open Letter to the Board of Directors of The Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc.; Jodi Goldberg, Debbie Sanville, and the Board of ATPAR; Bill Smith and the Board of Mainline Animal Rescue
August 9, 2011
Please rein in your “president” and her insistence in slandering, harassing and threatening me with legal action, exposure and whatever else her pea brain cannot get over. I owe you and her nothing. I stole nothing. I have yet to hear from the many, many legal actions, IRS, FBI and whomever else she has threatened me with in the past year and a half and if she does not cease and desist from this course of action I will have no choice but to file harassment and slander charges against the organization, everyone on the board who continues to support these actions, and everyone she continues to name as her support.
Like it or not, Oodles of Doodles, Inc. Rescue Collective IS a real rescue, incorporated in the State of NJ, and as real as DRC was in it’s first year of operation. Like it or not, I started the original Rescued Doodles on Doodle Kisses in 2008. Like it or not, I bought and paid for the original website url in January, 2009, and and bought and paid for the start up of the rescue that purports itself as beginning in 2008 by Ms. Yorke. Like it or not, my name was on all the incorporating paperwork and the 501c3 application. I resigned in May, 2009 after Ms. Yorke changed passwords and emptied out our joint bank account. It was only then, I pulled my website and kicked the DRC off of it. Frankly, I do not care if any of you believe it or not, do your own research. Since, May 2010, my ex-partner has continued this vendetta and it needs to stop.
As of this writing, I have rescued, vetted and found homes for 41 Kill Shelter Dogs since November, 2010. I have helped 28 families to rehome their dogs, safely and without Craigslist or “Free to a Good Home” ads.  If this does not make me a “reputable rescue and Oodles of Doodles a real rescue,” I don’t know what does. I have never used someone else’s 501c3 paperwork, unlike Ms. Yorke has. I pull under my own name and my own NJ Non-Profit Certificate.
The “dog murderer, Toni Klemko,” runs a wonderful organization, Highway to Heaven Road Warriors and has transported over 20 kill shelter dogs to my rescue and I am proud to be a member of her organization. I would not be surprised if Ms. Klemko, also has a Slander and Harassment suit, as this is the second time Ms. Yorke has slandered her.
The ATPAR lawsuit, was a “frivolous” lawsuit and the fact that there are thousands of dogs dying everyday in kill shelters, proves it. I didn’t fight back, it went to default. I paid the fees, I hope it’s over. If that is the extent of the legal “proof” Ms. Yorke has, she has nothing.
This is not the first time, Ms. Yorke has contacted my rescue partners and friends with this drivel. This is not the first time she has used the DRC, ATPAR and Mainline as her support. I have copies of everything if you would like to see it. I have had enough. Again and for the last time, please reign in your “president” as this has gone on long enough and she is implicating good people in her neurosis.
Message I received from Jacquie Yorke to a shelter:
S, please do not for one instant put that liar, theif and fraud Lynne Fowler in the same category as DRC or any other reputable non-profit rescue organization……Lynne is not a “doodle rescue”….In fact she wouldn’t know a doodle from a doorknob!….It is impossible that Oodles of Doodles is on Miami Dade’s approved list because OofD is NOT a 501(c)(3) recognized non-profit and you must be in order to pull from Miami Dade nor does OofD have any FL Inc. paperwork ….. Lynne Fowler is NOT a reputable rescuer and Oodles of Doodles is not a real rescue. …..She is a pathological liar ,…a fraud and she is lying to you all here on FB…..If she is getting that dog it’s because she is making some virtual FB friend in the Miami area adopt him outright. or she is fraudulently using someone else’s 501(c)(3) paperwork… She will then turn around and put a sick dog with a broken leg that needs immediate care, in quarantine and then on a three day transport to NJ with that dog murderer Toni Klemko! Lynne has NO RESOURCES TO PROVIDE ORTHOPEDIC VETERINARY CARE FOR THAT POOR BOY!…Lynne has already been sued by another rescue organization for theft and endangerment of an animal and lost! She actually stole a labradoodle with megaesophagus from a reputable rescue organization and adopted him out sick, un-vetted and un-neutered for a $425 adoption fee!…

A court order forced her to return the dog to All Things Pawssible Inc, the dogs legal and rightful owners! Lynne is lying to you all here on FB about that as well calling it a “frivolous lawsuit” ….Trust me Sybil….It was anything BUT frivolous!….Lynne is facing criminal prosecution on state and federal levels ……She is being investigated by the FBI for her theft of DRC’s URLs and our former website!…Tells people on here that she is the Founder of DRC….LIES…….Everything that looser “has” she STOLE from the real and legitimate rescuers!….She is a certifiable psychopath….I am happy to forward all of the legal documentation to you if you provide me with your email address..I will also direct you to Jodi Goldberg, Debbie Sandville from ATPAR and Bill Smith from Mainline Animal Rescue if you would like additional info…..

Please don’t let that wacko have this poor dog! He will not receive the veterinary care he needs and so deserves!

Thank you so much for reading this…Call me if you want more info…917-439-6403

Jacquie Yorke

Board of Directors, Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc.
Jacqueline M. Yorke
Founder, President, Executive Director
Jeannine G. Smith
Vice President, Director, DRC Midwest & IT/Technical
Adrianne Matzkin
Secretary, Director, Volunteer Coordination
Diane Radosti, CPA
Ellen Tanne-Kurland
Jane Fernald
Trustee, Director, Development & Public Relations
Nina Whitefield
Trustee, Director, DRC GeorgiaTracy Farmer
Trustee, Director, DRC TexasFrannie Spector
Trustee, Assistant Director, DRC Georgia
Jodi Goldberg
 Trustee At Large

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