Animal rights activist harassing and threatening Republican Congressional hopeful Ilario Pantano and family

April 8, 2011

This is a strange story.  It’s the story of the Pantano family, who agreed to foster two rescue puppies from a breeder who couldn’t take care of the very large litter.  The Pantano’s decided that they would purchase the puppies for their 2 sons and that’s when the harassment began…

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT – Republican Congressional Hopeful Ilario Pantano says politics is playing a role in a current issue his family is having with a dog rescue organization out of New Jersey.

The Pantano family recently took in two rescue puppies from a litter in Charlotte.  But, a national rescue group out of New Jersey claims the puppies were signed over to them and the Pantanos are not adequate candidates for full-time adoption.

“The facts of the case are simple, Puppies need to be rescued and my family stepped up. Now an animal rescue group in New Jersey is trying to deny these pets to my children because of who their father is. We were simply going to adopt the animals, but when liberal activists in New Jersey found out who I was, my politics made me a target.  Instead of listening to more of her harassing and threatening phone calls, we decided to purchase the puppies outright from their lawful owner.  Why is this harassment and nonsense continuing?  Because I am a conservative Christian Republican Marine who hunts, I have been targeted by animal activists  that have called my wife and I terrible names and curses, which we have on a recorded voice mail.  This activist has literally threatened to ‘smear my family’s good name all over the Internet.’  Sadly, this isn’t about the puppies we bought for my children, this is about the politics of personal destruction.  Please pray for my family as we endure yet another round of slings and arrows from folks 600 miles away from Wilmington that seem intent on harassing my family and hurting my children and our good name,” Ilario Pantano said in an emailed statement.  “I didn’t know that you had to be a Democrat to adopt a puppy. “

Jacquie Yorke from the Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. tells she has reached out to the Pantanos to get the animals, but “they’re refusing to hand them over to us.”

Pantano tells his family has received threatening voicemail messages from Yorke and had visits from local law enforcement because of this situation

Pantano announced earlier this year that he intends to run for the 7th Congressional District seat currently held by Congressman Mike McIntyre (D).

Now….why would a dog rescue group threaten and harass a family that lives 600 miles away….and who have helped out these puppies by adopting them?  It’s insane.

Jacquie Yorke is the Director of  Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. which is located in New Jersey (her profile page on their website ).  If she isn’t harassing and threatening the Pantano’s for political reasons ( which I suspect she is) then the only other thing I can think of is that she had already sold the dogs before actually getting them and the breeder decided to go ahead and let the Pantano’s adopt them.

I think it’s appalling that Yorke would harass a family she doesn’t even know.

Crazy Crazy Crazy


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