Regarding Accusation, Innuendo and Outright Lies

I will never understand why some people feel the need to create lies about other people. Whether out of jealousy or greed, those people are very small individuals. I firmly believe in karma and what you put out into the universe will come back to you. Those who send out lies, will eventually be caught in their own web of lies. This is happening right now with a person who is spreading lies about us.

Here is the truth. We are an all volunteer group of caring people who have the sole goal of helping doodles in need. We do not make money off this endeavor, in fact the opposite is true. We have given guidance to help people adopt dogs from shelters and other rescue groups. We have worked to gather and disseminate information we hear about bad shelters, abusers of animals and notorious puppy mills. We have never made a profit and do not ever plan to.

We do not buy dogs, nor do we sell them. We do pay adoption fees, which are required from some shelters who will not work with rescue groups. These shelters refuse to release their dogs to anyone, unless they get their money. Not an adopter or a rescue group are allowed to take dogs without paying this set fee. We have never paid less than what an adopter would be charged at certain shelters. However, when we have found a home for that dog, our adoption fee has always been less than what we were forced to pay.

When you add in the vetting costs we pay to get that dog to our vet, any profit is always lost. Our goal, as said, has never been to make money. Which is the opposite of some shelters.

On the other side of the coin…there are shelters who have and continue to work with rescue groups. They call us or other rescue groups, because their sole priority, as is ours, is the well being of the dog. We have several shelters who never charge us to bring their dogs into our rescue or others. Some shelters just ask rescues to cover their vetting costs, because their goal is to get that dog into a home. Again, as is our goal, too.

So to the someone out there who is saying otherwise, you lie. To our supporters, Thank You for helping us save the lives of dogs. To those who hear the lies, I hope this explains what we are all about. To our volunteers and others who have the sole goal of helping save dogs, you are the best people in the world and what you put out into the universe everyday, is being tallied and remembered. And the lives of the dogs we have saved…speaks for itself.


I wrote this blog, originally, in July, 2009 due to accusations of one rescue against another. Since that time, I have come to learn this is a common practice between rescues who do not like each other or feel slighted by someone in the animal rescue arena. I have been a target of some of these people as part of the rescue I helped to start in 2009 and then by that rescue toward me when I resigned and started my own rescue. It is sad that all rescues and rescuers cannot or will not work together to change the awful condition of so many animals in this country, who can care less who likes each other or who saves them.

I will not make apologies to my ex-partner, whose agenda does not match mine. Nor will I worry about the negativity and back stabbing that exists. Those are their problems, not mine. The “Old Friend” who now has a Civil Suit against me to return a dog after making a verbal agreement with me and because she believed lies, is also not important. What is important is that dogs are saved and safe. Why should it matter who does this? Why should one rescue care who saves the dog? Why would anyone listen to anyone who bad-mouths and puts down?

You can fight amongst yourselves. I don’t care what you say about me, I sleep very well at night and KNOW that my karma is safe. Can you say the same about yours?

Lynne Fowler

Update March 1, 2011


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  1. #1 by Denise Abbott on March 13, 2011 - 4:15 pm

    It is so hard to always be the bigger person and ignore someone with such a vendetta. Just keep being the awesome, caring person you are and you will persevere. Remember my karma story!!!!!

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