The Beginnings of The DRC

The DRC, as a website, was created in January 2009 on It’s original name was The Doodle Rescue & Resource Collective. The website was bought and paid for by me, from day 1 until today. This is public knowledge but to prove it: and It has been reported that I stole this website, however that is not the case. But I digress.

The DRRC was begun as a listing only site by myself-Lynne Fowler, Jacquie Yorke and Karen Shoulder. The three of us met on Doodle Kisses but Karen and I had met months earlier on Doodle World. Both are Social Networking Sites devoted to doodle owners. I had started a very successful group called “Rescued Doodles,” first on Doodle World (where it still is) and then on Doodle Kisses. These groups had been started originally because I had 2 rescued Doodles from Jodi Goldberg of ATPAR and many of the members on both these Social Forum Sites were breeders.

The issues and discussions of breeders and breeder adopted dogs are in many respects very different from the issues faced by rescue families. After awhile, in the middle of 2008, the three of us had started listing available Labradoodles and Goldendoodles from Petfinder into the Rescued Doodles Group on Doodle Kisses because there was a comment by someone that, “there were no doodles in rescue.”

This was partially true because Petfinder did not recognize Doodles as a breed and most shelters did not know what to look for to label the breed correctly. Doodles were listed under all sorts of breed names and we searched them out and put them up so that people could find them and hopefully, adopt them. By the last few months of 2008, we had so many doodles listed, we decided to start a separate group, called Doodles in Need. DIN was a popular attraction on Doodle Kisses and it was bringing new visitors to the site and many topics were beginning to revolve around rescue issues rather than breeder issues. This sometimes caused animosity and heavy dialog on the social site and there were several heated discussions regarding breeding practices vs. rescue.

The last week of December 2008 and into the first weeks of 2009, there were several things that occurred that caused us to make the decision that we needed to move this to it’s own website and it’s own niche. At that time, NING websites were free, so I went and started one just to see what all was involved with creating a website and how difficult it would be to move Doodles in Need to it’s own home. Jacquie and I spent many, many hours on the phone working on this website. I read everything NING had to offer on creating a website, generating traffic and building an online community.

The Doodle Rescue & Resource Collective opened for business on January 20, 2009 at and through my purchase of the url I also purchased We began by listing Doodles in Need across North America that were in shelters and rescues, waiting for homes. After a few months, we felt that shortening our name to Doodle Rescue Collective, DRC was more efficient.

We took our first dog as a rescue in June 2009, Finnigan the Tripawd. This poor boy was a survivor of Skip Echert’s, Almost Heaven Puppy Mill in PA. Jacquie and I drove up to a shelter in North-East PA, to bring our first rescue home. While there, we played with adorable puppies, tried to decide which dog we should take and finally decided on Finn, as he seemed the least adoptable. Having had his front leg amputated, he was none the worse for wear, but seemed to need us, the most. Another sad girl we wanted to take, I called White Mama. I still remember how sad I felt, having to leave her there. Thankfully she was adopted by a wonderful family, I was able to direct to that shelter.

Slowly, we began to add more fosters, rescue more dogs and build our reputation as a rescue. We attended Puppy Mill Awareness Day in Lancaster, PA in September, 2009, with our own table and were on our way. Together, with fosters around the country and in Canada, we rescued over 80 dogs between June, 2009 and January, 2010. I fostered nine, myself: Finnigan, Jazzy, Hannah, Shadow, Midnight, Roosevelt, Trooper, Licorice and Dakota. Jazzy actually joined my pack and is part of my family, today.

We did not incorporate our rescue in NJ until December 2009 and began to work on filing our IRS Non-Profit 501(c)3 the week between Christmas and New Year’s and put it in the mail to the IRS on January 2, 2010. Jacquie Yorke was put as Executive Director, I was Vice President, Liz, Kim and Ellen rounded out our Board. Other’s were added and subtracted here and there, mostly according to whim, as there was never a board meeting to instate, remove or reinstate people, while I was a part of the DRC.

Disagreements between Ms. Yorke and myself began almost as soon as our 501 paperwork was in the mail. Jacquie began to behave as though she had the final say in all things DRC. No discussion, no conversation or if there was, it ended being her way. Missives were sent out ordering everyone to only pull Labradoodles and Goldendoodles and only with her approval. One missive ordered, “No more sick dogs!” We had taken a heartworm positive dog in NC and Dakota in December needed Orthopedic Surgery for a broken leg.

The DRC did not achieve 501c3 status until sometime during the summer of 2010, so claims of 2 plus years is off by more than a year. By the time of incorporation, I had resigned (May 2010),see the acceptance letter by the DRC board below, contrary to the lies and other claims, that I was removed from the board as Vice President. Recent claims of an amended Board Minutes where I was removed is a further fabrication of Ms. Yorke or a fabricated document as stated.

Since I resigned since I owned the url and website, which Ms. Yorke most likely did not realize and since it’s director emptied out our joint bank account, thinking she was going to take it all and run, I closed down the website and then reopened it a month later, with the help and love of several other wonderful people also “screwed” by The DRC and it’s director. We have rebuilt the website, it is growing by leaps and bounds and we are very proud of what we have done, always mindful of the barrage of lies, slander and unprofessional behavior of Ms. Yorke and her “gang,” that has continued for ten months, now. They have posted in forum after forum and have only made themselves look terrible.

What the DRC did, or did not do after May 9, 2010, no longer involved me. I was no longer a part of the organization

Oodles of Doodles, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit in the state of NJ (0400380388) in August, 2010, along with it’s Petfinder Page (NJ656) and is a legitimate rescue.  In five months I have taken 8 dogs into my home from kill shelters in the South, rehomes and a puppy mill and now have added a Foster Partner. We may not be as large as IDOG or the rescue I helped to create, The DRC, but we are far from fraudulent, except in the mind of Jacquie Yorke. Enlisting her ever smaller circle of friends, Ms. Yorke has not been able to get the “FBI, the IRS or the Attorney General’s Office” (as claimed in several of her missives), to investigate, serve or throw me in jail, so she decided a frivolous lawsuit would suffice. (See other post about this.)

Yes, I was served with a civil suit last week (the first time I was ever served in my life, despite the claims of many legal actions upon me). It is a joke case based on she said/she said that my attorney assures me will probably be thrown out of court, if it ever gets there at all. Oh, and that I was on the National Do Not Adopt/Blacklist, it was put there by Ms. Yorke and her friends and has since been removed. Because someone posts something on Facebook, or one of the many dog, rescue and animal forums, it does not make it true. Anyone can say anything, where is the proof?

I am done being quiet about the truth and I have the PROOF of my claims. Anyone who would like to see any of it, write me at and I will send it to you.

Lynne Fowler

Oodles of Doodles, Inc. Rescue Resource Collective

Mother, Teacher, Animal Advocate

My resignation from The DRC, dated May 9, 2010

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  1. #1 by F on June 20, 2011 - 11:26 pm

    Where’s the rest of it that you cut off in the screen shot? that talks about your removal from the DRC and the attorney being hired to get back their property?

  2. #2 by Doodle Mom on June 21, 2011 - 12:45 am

    “RESOLVED, that the President of the Corporation is hereby authorized, directed and
    empowered to seek and retain services of a legal representative for the Corporation, if necessary, to obtain all property, physical and intellectual, of the Corporation from Ms. Fowler. Let it be known that request was made on May 9, 2010 from President of the Corporation to Ms. Fowler to return said property.”

    I am still waiting for the legal actions. Are they coming soon? It has been a year now, maybe you should check the statute of limitations. Since the papers referred to were not part of the “corporation,” because the “corporation” didn’t exist and we were operating out of MY bank account and MY website, no lawyer in the world will waste his or her time on this “case.” Oh, maybe that is why I haven’t heard from your attorney, yet!

  3. #3 by Denise Abbott on June 21, 2011 - 1:02 pm

    Lynne, you have shown what a true and authentic person you are. What you do is not for recognition it is for the love of the dogs. Your long track record has proven that.

    You have the ethics not to list a dog as spayed or neutered when they are not, you have the ethics to make sure that they are unlike dogs adopted out of Jacque Yorke’s group. You also make sure that you do not say a dog is fully vetted and skin conditions treated when they have not been and they are filled with mange and scabies like her group.

    You do not go after familie’s with puppies staking “claim” to them when they obviously are in a loving and cared for home. She does not have “claim” to every single doodle that is in need of rescue (and Thank God For That!!!).

    You have ethics, morals, and values. It would be wonderful if people did speak up about the things her group did so no more unsuspecting victims fall into her trap thinking they are doing a good thing. Let their rescources be used where they are appreciated, not for another knotch in someone’s belt. You will perservere 🙂

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